Sabong International Application | Latest Set-up Guide

Android and IOS users can place bets on the outcome of cockfights using the Sabong International app. Philippines citizens are the target audience for the official utility provided by the website bearing the same name.

Sabong International App Download

Download Sabong International Application for Android & IOS

  • Visit the Sabong international page at: then Click on Register to set up your 6t Game account.
  • On the 6D Game mobile app interface, click on Join Now (Press “Login” to register If you haven’t signed up for your account yet)
  • Fill out your account info, enter your account username, password, your phone number, and lastly enter the captcha. Confirm that you’re above 22 years old and agree with our User Agreement then click on “Register” to complete the Registration(if you have finished setting up your account then we can move on to the next step).
  • Go to your Account, scroll down and click on App Download to download the app. homepage mobile interface
Step 1: Click on “Register”
6D Game Mobile Interface
Step 2: On 6D Game mobile app, Press “Join Now”
6D game Registration form
Step 3: Fill In Your Account info and Press “Register”
6D Game Application - My Account Section
Step 4: On My Account Section Press “App Download”

Download sabong international app in Desktop

  • Visit the Sabong international page at:, Click on Play Now.
  • Go to the App Download Section to download the app, and scan the QR code that’s suited to your operating system, we provide our customers with both IOS and Android sabong mobile apps.

Sabong International app Authorization

You must register with this application before using it. Please be aware that in order to open an account, you must have a working Philippine phone number. On this platform, there are geographical restrictions.

Users must also enter their email addresses and other personal information in addition to their phone numbers. A unique code that will be sent via SMS will then be used to verify them.

Fighting and gambling

The deposit can be topped off by account holders using a bank card or an electronic payment method. After that, they will be able to wager on cockfight results.

These competitions are available to watch online. The application contains an integrated player for this purpose. Note that a solid network connection is necessary.

The service provides a calendar of upcoming cockfights held in well-known arenas, mostly in Manila. Users can place bets and find out information about their competitors online.


If you win, your account is credited with the winnings. After submitting a special request, they can be withdrawn.

Chinese and English are both used to implement the application interface. A support service that is available online chat 24/7.

Sabong International Download FAQs

Go to the 6D Game App Download Section, in the site you can see a QR code or free download online, after scanning, downloading, and installing, you can also check on Google Play or the Apple store.

Your phone will be the main requirement. It is a free download app that you may check on the main sites of Sabong International, Google Play, and the IOS app market.

If there is an issue downloading the app, you can always go to the main site of Sabong International, but if you insist on downloading, you may verify or leave a message in the customer care pop-up.

You can sign into your account and place bets whenever you use a PC to access our online sabong international platform.


The above is how to download the Sabong International app step-by-step guide, as well as how to install it on Android and iOS mobile devices. If you have any difficulty following the steps, please contact us through this live chat and leave us your contact info for timely support. Download Sabong International Me today to enjoy our premium Live Online Sabong and Claim many generous bonuses and VIP programs!

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