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Many online sabong tutorials and suggestions are available, but this one may stand out as the most unusual and unusual guide you have ever seen. We base our winning recommendations on data research and statistics rather than luck, unlike many other tippers.

Since PAGCOR began officially regulating online sabong (cockfighting) at the beginning of this year (2021), we began gathering data for our betting activities, and so far, we can report that our analysis was successful and generated some extra income. We are not experienced cockfighters or gamblers. Our passion for statistics prevents us from using the online sabong platform without putting in bets.

We will go into detail about everything, but one thing we can say is that if you want to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash quickly, this technique is not for you. This tactic only works for those who enjoy conducting research while earning extra money. This won’t work because those who want to win large always neglect facts and data.

You almost certainly won’t be able to predict which gamefowl will win in every game, but you may improve your odds by using a wise strategy. Here are some practical suggestions for succeeding in the realm of online sabong:


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Nevertheless, industry officials say cockfighting brings in between $16 million and $18 million annually.

According to the police inquiry, cheating on the chicken or the cock is the presumed reason for the 29 cockerels’ disappearance. A poultry chicken handler discusses the process of chicken tyoping.

The chicken handler, who goes by the name “Bruno,” claimed in a report by Emil Sumangil on GMA News “24 Oras” this Friday that during his 20 years in the cockpit, he has learned various styles of cheating.

Selling a “panyonyope,” or fight, in which the cockerel will triumph over the opponent chicken, is one of the fraud tactics. Such a cockerel will wager on the chicken of his rival, which will win. According to Bruno, cabongero’s panyonyope means “easy money.”

To weaken the cock before the fight is one method of making the chicken tyope. It is stated that when the chicken is bathed and then blown before the fight, it also becomes lethargic and feeble.

The placement of the tari, or sharp object, on the chicken, is also supposed to alter occasionally in order to avoid striking the enemy chicken. Bruno stated, “They hook it brutally or deflect [the tari], but the referee will not see it since he is only looking at the sharpness of the tari.

The inquiry is being carried out by the PNP-CIDG, and panyonyope is said to be the apparent cause of the disappearance of the 29 pilots. Police Major General Albert Ferro, Director, PNP-CIDG, said: “I believe they misunderstood one another and it resulted in something.”

Some of the pilot’s family members, though, had their doubts. As a master agent in the online cockpit, Ricardo Lasco’s brother had suspicions that an organized group might be responsible for the incidents. Armed men abducted Lasco from his Laguna house in August 2021, and he hasn’t been seen since.

However, after saying farewell and entering the cockpit, the other cockpit vanished.

1. Go with the rooster that has a better winning streak

The good news is that you may test the gamefowl’s toughness by playing online sabong. At the bottom of a live cockfight, there is a trends section with variably colored circles.

The red circle denotes the number of victories, or meron, while the blue circle denotes the number of defeats, or wala. The amount of draw matches is indicated by the yellow circle. In order to know which gamefowls to be on in forthcoming matches, all you have to do is look at whatever color dominates the trend area.

2. Examine the rooster’s posture and motions.

Bettors and the rest of the audience will have the chance to view and judge which gamefowl is superior before the combat starts. Similar to the way roosters are shown in the ring before a match, this is for the benefit of the audience.

At this stage, notice how they use their beaks to fly and jump. Examine their stamina, strength, and agility as well. Stamina is important since you need to know if the gamefowl can still compete after being injured.

3. Pay close attention to the commentators’ statistics about the roosters

In online sabong, announcers are present much like in conventional cockfighting. They essentially provide commentary on the contest, which heightens the excitement of the fight.

The announcers provide information about the stats of the competing gamefowls prior to the actual event. These consist of victories, defeats, draws, and their present weight. You should bet on the person who has an excellent track record of winning.

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