How to Win at Online Sabong Matches?

Many gamblers worldwide love betting on sports and blood sports due to how exciting the matches can be, which sports bettors and cockfighters equally enjoy. Bettors will not only want to watch sabong matches and bet on them, but they’ll also want to win their bets and make some money to enjoy their winnings.

How to win at online sabong?

Sabong breeders can have confidence that their gamefowls will win their matches when they know they’ve developed a strong gamecock bloodline. However, online sabong bettors won’t know how well the roosters will perform like how the breeders do so they’ll have to take extra steps to decide which one they think will win.

Gamblers will need to pay attention to the ruweda phase to check the participating roosters’ breeds, physical characteristics, and state to determine which one has the highest chance of winning. They’ll also need to check on other things to help increase their chances of winning.

Choose the Rooster with a Better Track Record of Wins

Choose the rooster with a better track record

When available, gamblers should look into the track record of the participating gamefowls and compare their win rates. The rooster with the higher number of wins will have a higher chance of winning matches unless its competitor comes from a better breed and bloodline.

Check the Gamefowl’s Breed and Bloodline

Different Gamefowl breeds and bloodlines will naturally have distinctive traits and characteristics that make them better in the cockpit than other breeds and bloodlines. A no-name breed against a Shamo from a well-developed bloodline won’t have a chance of winning unless the Shamo ends up with an illness or infection that hampers its movements during the actual match.

Check the gamefowl's breed and bloodline

Gamblers will need to be knowledgeable about the different gamefowl breeds to make educated guesses on which ones will win. Derbies will feature some of the best gamecock breeds and well-developed bloodlines and it can be hard to check which ones are more likely to win when both cockfighters present gamefowls from the same breed but from different bloodlines.

Learning how to win through this is one of the hardest methods since gamblers will need to stay up-to-date with the different breeders and their gamefowl bloodlines.

Check the Rooster’s Form and Gestures

Check the rooster's form

When the two roosters presented in the ruweda are extremely similar to one another, it’s best to check the bird’s form and gesture to gauge how healthy it is. Gamblers must check the following before they place their bets:

  • How the Rooster flies
  • How the rooster jumps
  • Quality of beaks
  • Quality of feathers
  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Stamina

Healthy-looking roosters will undoubtedly perform well compared to unhealthy or less healthy ones. It’s important to keep an eye out for the quality of the rooster to ensure that they’ll bet on the right one and win. One sign of a healthy rooster to keep in mind is that it has shiny feathers.

Healthy gamefowls typically mean that they’re raised and fed well by their breeders and that they’re taken care of by their handlers both outside and inside the cockpit, especially when they bring certain gear to cockpits. Healthy roosters will typically last longer in cockpits and can withstand more punishment than less healthy ones.

Pay Attention to the Roosters’ Statistics

Pay attention to the roosters' statistics

There will always be announcers who commentate on the matches and announce the participating gamefowl’s statistics. The statistics announced will include the following:

  • Number of wins
  • Number of losses
  • Number of draws
  • Current weight

When the number of wins is announced, gamblers can immediately start choosing which rooster to bet on. Of course, a high number of losses could mean that a rooster is underperforming and should be avoided. Learning how to win through this should be a no-brainer when the information above is readily available.

Base the Bet on the Trends

Bet on the trends

Online betting sites like Sabong International will show the trends on whether the favorite, or “meron,” or the underdog, or “wala,” won more frequently. If the trends show that “meron” wins more frequently than “wala,” then gamblers can place a bet on it. This is the simplest way to learn how to win at online sabong, but it isn’t foolproof since the trends can suddenly change when a draw occurs.


In summary, sabong bettors can win their bets when they pay close attention to the participating roosters. Different breeders and cockfighters will naturally bring gamefowls from different breeds and bloodlines to the pit and these different chickens will have their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Just like there are plenty of different breeds of poultry, there will be plenty of different gamefowl breeds as breeders try and develop some of the deadliest breeds in the cockpit. Breeding will involve plenty of different breeding methods and ways to take care of the birds. Naturally, some birds will be raised in better conditions while others not so much, resulting in certain gamefowls being better than others.

Learning how to win at online sabong will require gamblers to carefully check the roosters to make an educated guess on which one will win the match.

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