What are the J9 Grey and J9 Pearl White Sabong Bloodlines?

Cockfighting is a popular blood sport in many different countries, including Cuba and the Philippines. Apart from these two countries, other countries also have fans of cockfighting and actively participate in the sport by breeding chickens and creating some of the best sabong bloodlines for fighting. Throughout the years, many different breeders have developed different bloodlines to try and gain the upper hand against others.

J9G Gamefarm J9 Greys and White Pearls

J9G Gamefarm is one farm that produces chicken bloodlines to try and improve chicken breeds and specialize them further for cockfights. This farm has two signature bloodlines that it managed to develop throughout the years, which are the J9 Greys and the J9 White Pearls.

J9G Gamefarm Signature Bloodlines

The signature Grey and White Pearl bloodlines are developed by J9G Gamefarm and they have been developed by crossing several chicken breeds and gamefowl strains. Further information on the breeds, including their origins, are the following:

J9G Gamefarm signature bloodlines

J9 Grey

This bloodline is developed from straight comb Harold Brown Greys and David Yorkman’s Possum Sweaters.

Harold Brown’s Greys are well-known for their fighting ability, stamina, and agility. This was initially bred from crossing Irish Greys, Brown Reds, and White hackles in a bid to create a superior cockfighting bird. Brown’s Greys are medium-sized chickens with muscular builds, striking silver or grey plumage, and red or black accents.

David Yorkman’s Possum Sweaters are well-known for their fighting ability, agility, and toughness. This was initially developed from crossing Clarets, Lacy Roundheads, and Lemon Sweaters. These Possum Sweaters are well-known for their distinctive silver or grey plumage and unique “banana” head shape.

Crossing Brown’s Greys and Yorkman’s Possum Sweaters will theoretically result in a tougher bloodline. The resulting J9 Grey is well-known for it being multiple strikers, having the ability to fly high, and not easily giving up in sabong matches.

J9G Gamefarm has two variants of its Grey bloodline, which are the J9 Sweater Grey and the J9 Hatch Grey.

J9 White Pearl

This bloodline is developed from crossing Kelsos, Radios, and Lemon Hatches.

Kelsos are known for their strength, agility, and stamina and are bred by Walter Kelso from the 1940s to the 1960s, until his death. The Kelso breed is a medium-sized bird with a muscular build for its compact body, it also has strong legs, a small round head, and a plumage of a mix of white and brown and red and black feathers.

Radios are known for their power, fighting ability, speed, and aggressiveness and are bred by Johnnie Jumper in the 1940s and named after Jumper’s famous racing pigeon named Radio.  The Radio breed typically has a muscular medium to large build and feathers that come in a variety of colors, including red, brown, and black.

Lemon Hatches are known for their endurance, fighting ability, agility, and speed. This breed was bred from crossing a Lemon hen with a Hatch rooster. Lemon Hatches were bred by Sanford Hatch in the early 1900s, who was known to produce tough and relentless roosters. The Lemon Hatch is medium to large in size and has a muscular build. This also has a distinctive yellow or lemon-colored plumage. J9 White Pearls are well-known for being intelligent chickens and their ability to get fast kills.

J9G Breeding system

The J9G Gamefarm uses a battery-type breeding system where the hens are housed in small and cramped cages. This makes it easier to trace the bloodline of certain chicks and gamefowls, which is important when a gamefowl wins its matches.

Properly breeding gamefowls help develop great gamefowls

The battery breeding system has plenty of disadvantages to the hens themselves, and J9G Gamefarm remedies this using the Egg 1000 Water Soluble Powder and VitMin Pro health enhancer tablet. The Egg 1000 powder is best taken in the morning and is administered by mixing 1 teaspoon of the powder into 4L or 1 gallon of water and given to chickens three times a week. VitMin Pro is best taken in the afternoon and is administered in different ways depending on the weather and on the health of the chicken. Intaking VitMin Pro will depend on the following:

  • Normal weather – mix 5g or 1 teaspoon into 4L or a Gallon of water and administer three times a week
  • Extreme weather – mix 5g or 1 teaspoon into 4L or a Gallon of water and administer every day
  • From sickness or from vaccination – mix 10g or 2 teaspoons into 4L or a Gallon of water and administer every day

Taking in both Egg 1000 and VitMin Pro improves the fertility and health of the hens. This ensures that J9G Gamefarm’s Greys and White Pearls will be healthy and that it’ll be easy to improve the bloodline when a winning Grey or White Pearl gamecock appears.


Whenever J9 Greys and White Pearls appear in cockpits, they can be safe bets due to how well they fight. J9G Gamefarm is continuously developing its two signature bloodlines to have better gamecocks and ensure they win more matches in official cockfights.

Register in Sabong International today and keep an eye out for the different sabong breeds in the match. Who knows, J9G’s Greys and White Pearls might participate in one of the matches.

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