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What is Online Sabong (e-Sabong)

Online Sabong is already ingrained in Philippine society. You will find a lot of sabong events, especially in the provinces. It is the national sport of the Philippines. Although many people like it and some people believe it is cruel to animals, it is a part of our culture.

Online E-Sabong in the Philippines

In countries like Colombia, sabong, often known as “cockfighting,” is a custom. Cockfighting contests take place at festivals and other important occasions across the nation.

Why is sabong popular in the Philippines?

Why are so many people drawn to sabong, a staple of Filipino culture? as a result of the opportunity to win a large sum of money when you play this game. Money has been gained playing online sabong by a few media influencers, agents, and players.

Furthermore, for some individuals, playing online sabong is the only means of survival. To be honest, online sabong is helping many families get through this pandemic because some people have no choice but to take a chance and play it.

As a result, it can be said with confidence that starting to play online sabong straight away will be among your most successful decisions ever.

Most Filipinos likely choose “how to play online sabong” as one of their top search terms, particularly those who have come to appreciate traditional sabong. It wouldn’t be shocking, though, if even common Filipinos started to show an interest in learning how to play online sabong over the previous 12 months.

After all, everything came to a halt when the worldwide pandemic struck, forcing everyone to remain in the comfort of their own homes. Sabotage is an example of an industry that has adapted to the modern era. The number of people who want to learn how to play online sabong is increasing as more and more people look for methods to have fun and make money at the same time.

Online Sabong Betting guide

In particular, if you already know how to play sabong traditionally, learning how to play it online is not difficult. It shouldn’t be challenging for you to learn how to play online sabong if you are familiar with conventional sabong.

Online Sabong Betting guide

Before learning how to play sabong online, you must first master the traditional version. People in the arena place bets on which of two gamecocks (roosters) they believe will win after they place them in an enclosed cockpit. Either a website or an app can be used to learn how to play online sabong, thus either one works pretty much the same.

The only significant difference between playing online sabong and playing it traditionally is that the betting structure could be different. It may surprise those who are just learning how to play online sabong, but it’s crucial to note that the betting systems need to be regulated, which is why they are different. So, here is a tutorial on the alternative betting strategies you can employ for people who still want to learn how to play online sabong.

Facts Regarding Sabong Philippines

  • The Philippines’ multi-billion dollar cockfighting industry is called Sabong. In addition to being a common form of gambling, it is also regarded as a national sport.
  • Cockfights can be both legal and illegal. Legal cockfights take place in cockpits, whereas illicit cockfights, also known as tupada or tigbakay, take place in secretive cockpits where authorities are unable to conduct raids.
  • In cockfighting in the Philippines, two different types of knives are used. Knives come in different lengths and have single- and double-edged blades, which are used in derbies.
  • Due to the popularity of Sabong throughout the nation, many rural households raise and own fighting cocks. These households spend a significant amount of money on the feed and supplements those fighting cocks need to compete in the derby.
  • Since fans wager on one another while watching fights, derbies often entail significant sums of money, combining both sport and gambling. There have been several World Slasher Cup derbies held in Araneta Coliseum in the Philippines. Twice a year, this tournament brings together the top game bird breeders in the world.

The Participation Requirements for the Roosters

In a federation derby, a stag’s weight cannot be less than 1.7 kg or greater than 2.2 kg, and a cock’s weight cannot be less than 1.9 kg or greater than 2.45 kg. The weights of the cocks entering a derby must be turned in at the location chosen and within the time frame specified by the federation on the eve of the derby day.

After that, matching will take place right away. The owner of the entry or his authorized representative must record the weights of the cocks to compete in a derby, if declared earlier by the NFGB, in two parts.

The first of which must be deposited in a drop box labeled “a” and contain the entry number and entry name, and the second component, which includes the entry number and weights, is placed in a box with the letter “b” on it. To ensure that the data included therein can be read, the same must be displayed to the derby committee’s authorized staff. In that case, one may resort to more practical methods of personal weight submissions by phone, smartphone, and similar channels.

The Participation Requirements for the Roosters

Adding Excitement in the Cockpit

Drama and excitement abound in cockfighting. Many cockers claim that excitement is one of the main reasons they enjoy the sport. A pit is a veritable place of action, and the spectators are boisterous, many of them have hot faces and are drenched in sweat.

It involves a lot of risk and activity to stake your reputation and moral integrity on how well your feathered champion performs. There is usually gambling involved, which only increases the risk and excitement level.

Adding Excitement in the Cockpit

Compared to most other sports betting, cockfighting offers a more direct kind of resolution for the gambler. Some people who frequently use cockpits participate in additional dangerous, abnormal, or even illegal activities.

When one of the birds eventually perishes or becomes unable to continue, the final bird to peck is declared the winner. The fight is shifted to a neighboring, smaller pit called the drag pit if it persists and no bird is in the ascendant. In the drag pit, the combat may certainly go on for a while, possibly even for hours.

Online Sabong FAQs

Most Filipinos, particularly those who have grown to adore traditional sabong, probably look for “how to play online sabong” more frequently than any other phrase. But it wouldn’t be too shocking if even normal Filipinos started to be interested in learning how to play online sabong in the previous year.

The global pandemic, after all, put an end to everything, forcing everyone to remain in the safety of their own houses. Therefore, the sabong industry is one of those that has managed to change with the times. People who wish to learn how to play online sabong are becoming more prevalent as more people look for ways to have fun and make money at the same time.

Online sabong—have you ever heard of it? Yes, it appears to exist, and in case you didn’t know, Charlie “Atong” Ang owns one of the websites that is legally permitted to run an online sabong or e-sabong.

Paul Siegel, a Virginia Tech expert in avian genetics and behavior, claims that birds rarely engage in combat to the death because the weaker bird usually retreats. In cockfights, roosters carry on fighting because they cannot flee, claims Siegel, “if there’s a means to escape, they’ll simply get the Hell out.”

Cockfighting legislation was passed in 1974. Sabong was recognized as “a common, traditional, and customary form of recreation and entertainment among Filipinos” and as such, it should serve as “a vehicle for the preservation and perpetuation of native Filipino heritage and, thereby, enhance our national identity.”

The practice of “sabong,” or betting on live cockfights, has a long history in the Philippines and dates back more than three thousand (3,000) years. In essence, the game entails setting up an arena with two roosters or cocks and placing bets on which of the two will prevail.


Use a licensed online betting site if you want to swiftly learn how to wager on sabong online. When playing sabong betting online, you don’t need to worry about the intricate hand signals frequently utilized during bouts.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about how boisterous the crowd is or how challenging the odds are. Online sabong betting is simpler and more practical in the Philippines because it is regulated. You must now locate an authorized and controlled online betting site that is both legal and user-friendly. The online sabong legal game has a huge following.