Online Sabong Philippines winning secret | How to choose the winning rooster.

Gamebird breeders employ a variety of techniques, but the ultimate objective is to get the birds in the finest physical and mental shape possible for the fight.

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How to Choose a Good Sabong?

Sabong Breed Selection and Analysis of Excellent Mating Techniques

Gamecocks are bred to win fights, so they must be exceptionally skilled fighters with strong physiques. When mating chickens, neutrality is highly crucial. Once the work is not done in the issue of sorting me and chicken breeds, it will be quite disadvantageous when selecting chickens. The first step in mating is this one. First, chicken friends are consulted for information on how to obtain breeder chickens.

Cock Breed seletion

This channel is reassuring. If a chicken friend provides you with a breed of game cock, he won’t give you his best game cock in the first place, and his poorest game cock breed is even worse. Since we are friends and he will likely give you a comparable game cock, I won’t give it to you. Unfortunately, a game cock will make your relationship with him difficult, and your friend will reveal where exactly this chicken came from. And other connected facts, this channel is quite reassuring.

Breeding Precautions

When breeding chickens, it is ideal to mix the young and the old, but it is best to avoid using young chickens with dry hair and chickens that are over 5 years old. Hens and roosters should be raised separately during mating, and the chicken should be stepped on once a day. There should be no more than a 1:5 male-to-female ratio.

Maintaining this ratio will increase the gamecocks’ rate of fertilization, and the mating effect is very strong. Detailed information on the source of the fighting eggs, such as the date, the parent status, etc., should be ready for choosing the eggs after mating.

Porter’s boisterous vitality. If it is a temporarily borrowed or freshly purchased breeder chicken, it must be quarantined for some time before utilizing it after ensuring that there is no problem, so as not to affect your chickens with sickness. The observation period during the quarantine is usually between 15 and 20 days.

Sabong’s Breeding Technology

  • The reason for breeding: Fighting refers to Sabong’s inherent aggressiveness, which humans have domesticated and honed for thousands of years. It must be strong. Sabong’s performance on the battlefield from start to finish is referred to as disk sex. The front game should be quick and fierce, and the middle game should be ruthless.
  • A good way of playing requires being able to fight, be able to carry, change, and know how to hide. I won’t extol it here since it was already mentioned previously.
  • Physical examination, consistent body shape, good hairiness, robust physique, and tremendous strength are the basic criteria for combat. Strength is the most important thing. If the physique is thin, slender, and weak, no matter how high the technical level, it will not be able to perform effectively, or the front game is alright, but the middle game’s physical strength is dropped, and technical performance is poor or non-existent.
  • Few flaws As the phrase goes, “No one is flawless.” Similarly, chickens are not perfect. Chickens have such little regret. No matter how wonderful the chicken is, there will be difficulties. It is nothing more than the difference between huge and little, more and less.
Sabong’s Breeding Technology

The common defects of Sabong are as follows:

  • Chicken sex (relating to adult chickens) (referring to adult chickens)Fighting
  • Fighting
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each section of the chicken body and numerous organs have been introduced in the first chapter, which may be referred to find out the fault.

(5) Genetic stability Why is genetic stability regarded as a criterion for fine chickens? Because, if one’s good chicken is made, and all features of the modern chicken conform to the original notion, but the following generation of chickens has mutated and new diseases develop, then such birds cannot be recognized as good chickens.

Sabong Breeds FAQs

Although it’s possible for them to live to be 15, roosters typically live for 5 to 8 years. A rooster’s surroundings, competition, level of care, and whether or not it is permitted to roam freely all have an impact on how long it will live.

Hatch Chickens – The Hatch, one of the most well-known fighting chicken breeds, was developed in the US and was bred to dominate any conflict. Due to their high level of gameness, hatch chicks resemble Whitehackle gamefowl.

The Shamo rooster is a large, strong, sturdy, and muscular fighting chicken breed used in cockfighting, which is still permitted in Japan and other Asian neighbors. Eating the defeated Shamo is also a part of Japanese culture.

For gamefowl breeders, the breeding season, which normally lasts from October through March, is a thrilling time. Breeders will agree that this method may be quite gratifying even though it can take a long time of laborious preparations.

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