Best Online Sabong Philippines 2022

Sabong is a popular bloodsport in the Philippines involving two fighting cocks pitted against each other in a cockpit in a battle to the death. The sport itself is estimated to be several thousands of years old with some historical and colonial influences on how popular it became today.

Best online sabong in the philippine

Sabong is currently hosted in many different locations with some of the most popular events the sport is held being festivals and other local celebrations. Breeders and sabong bettors are typically involved in sabong matches. The breeders provide the roosters while the bettors take their chances of being able to win real money while enjoying the event.

Additionally, online bettors from all over the world can place bets on live online sabong matches in the Philippines or other countries hosting their own matches.

Top Philippine Bookmakers for Online Sabong

E-sabong live is popular among many different bettors since they can experience the feeling of watching a sabong match on-site while staying at home. Sabong bettors can typically bet on sabong matches through the following bookmakers:

Best Online Sabong Philippines
  • Sabong International
  • 6T Game Sabong
  • Sabong Express
  • Sabong 888
  • SW418
  • Pitmaster

These options were frequented by Filipino bettors for several years until local e-sabong operations were suspended on May 3, 2022.

Legality of Online Sabong

Online sabong was legal and permitted before it was suspended on May 3, 2022, when former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte stopped operations because of the activity’s social cost to Filipinos. E-sabong was suspended while local sabong matches were left alone.

Online Sabong Legality

Before the suspension, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation has a list of licensed e-sabong operators in the country that include Sabong International, Sabong Express, and Pitmaster. When online sabong is permitted again, the operators in the list will still likely be good options.

Stay updated with the latest e sabong news to know more about the suspension updates. If there is a favorable update, you may be able to place bets on the popular operator’s odds again.

Is Sabong Gambling Permitted in the Philippines?

Online sabong betting is currently prohibited in the Philippines, especially since most gamblers bet through domestic operators in the form of Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators and illegal sabong pits. The suspension of e-sabong operations effectively ceased the operations of different pitmasters and operators, which means that gambling through them is no longer permitted.

Online betting may not be permitted, but on-site gambling in regulated cockpits is allowed. Underground sabong pits are also common and clamping down on them has not been a priority throughout the long years of sabong being popular in the country.

Can Philippine Citizens Legally Place Online Sabong Bets?

Local e-sabong operators may be prohibited from operating today, but foreign bookmakers are technically not prohibited from offering sabong betting options. Filipino gamblers can still technically place bets on odds provided by offshore operators. Still, you should place online bets at your own risk, especially since there’s a risk of registering in an online casino operated by scammers and cybercriminals.

Placing online sabong bets in illegally operating domestic operators is illegal.

Illegal E-Sabong Operators

Even before e-sabong was suspended, there were already illegal e-sabong operators operating in the country.  One known illegal site is, which is currently an expired domain. Apart from this, any operators that aren’t on PAGCOR’s list are illegally operating.

Are Sabong Games and Derbies still Held Today?

Even if e-sabong operations are suspended in the Philippines, sabong games are still held today, especially since sabong is not exclusive to the Philippines. Still, some of the most popular derbies that attract even foreign breeders are held in the Philippines, and among them are the following:

Sabong Derbies Update
  • World Slasher Cup
  • The Derby
  • Master Breeders’ Cup
  • World Pitmasters Cup

Atong Ang’s World Pitmasters Cup still commenced on November 5, 2022.

Local Cockpit Betting VS Online Sabong

Online sabong may be generally prohibited thanks to the e-sabong suspension, but gamblers can still place bets when they are in the regulated cockpits. The experience and available betting options between the two are different though.

Local Cockpit Cockfighting

Local cockpit betting is legal but has limited available options, while online sabong typically has more options depending on the online casino’s bookmakers or the particular operator a bettor registers in. Moreover, live online sabong betting can arguably accurately imitate the atmosphere of local cockpit betting, especially when there is a commentator available.

Philippine Sabong History

The history of sabong in the Philippines dates back at least 6,000 years back in different regions worldwide. The sport itself was first documented by Ferdinand Magellan’s chronicler, Antonio Pigafetta, in 1521. Ever since then, the sport remained a popular pastime all over the Philippines with the only potential slowdown being the recent suspension of e-sabong operations in May 2022.

Sabong history in the Philippines

Sabong is estimated to kill about 30 million roosters per year in the Philippines. Despite seeming to be a barbaric sport, it still remained a popular pastime among Filipinos to this day and there are no signs of the sport itself going away anytime soon.

Sabong Philippines FAQs

Sabong is a blood sport between two roosters held in a cockpit.

Sabong International is currently the best out there. This is because of the great mobile experience, customer service, and withdrawal options that ensure that gamblers can easily withdraw their winnings as soon as possible.

Yes. Sabong is legal in the Philippines. E-sabong, however, is currently suspended.

Yes. You can win in sabong by either getting lucky and placing a bet on the right rooster or a draw or by researching first which rooster has a better track record and placing an informed bet accordingly.

Yes. Winnings amounting to ₱10,000 and above are subject to a 20% withholding tax. The operator also has to pay a franchise tax to the BIR.

No, but Sabong International accepts GCash deposits that will then be converted to betting funds through the platform’s e-wallet.

You need to consider the roosters’ track record, form, and announced statistics before choosing which rooster to bet on. Also, research on the different rooster breeds used for sabong. The different breeds are the Claret, Hatch, Miner Blues, Black, White Hackel, and Round Head.


Sabong is a popular sport in the Philippines and many Filipinos love placing bets through either local cockpits or online betting platforms. The legality of sabong and e-sabong may be a bit muddy today because of the recent suspension, but gamblers can still bet through local cockpits and offshore platforms, but there may be some risk with the latter.

E-sabong suspension updates may come in the future that’ll then allow gamblers to start betting online through Sabong International, Sabong Express, and Pitmasters again. It is advisable to stay updated to have a better idea of when they can start betting through these platforms again.