20 Terms to be Familiar in Cockfighting

Many people know that when two cocks are thrown in a pit to fight, the outcome is usually very bad for one of them and sometimes even fatal. However, outside of that and a few other basic terminology, hardly everyone is familiar with the slang and jargon of the cockfighting subculture. For those unfamiliar with the sport, it may be particularly perplexing.

Here is a glossary of terms used in contemporary tournament and derby regulations, including what to call a battle between two or more roosters, how to characterize a cock’s “part,” and more.

20 Terms to be Familiar in Cockfighting

Cockfighting Slang: What Does It Mean?

Cockfighting Slang_ What Does It Mean

Cockfight slang refers to jargon and idioms used among cockfighters. Cockfight fans use these terms to better communicate with one another. Some of these words are what spectators and curious onlookers could hear, while others are slang just among cockfighting fans.

What Is Cockfighting Known as by Other Names?

What Is Cockfighting Known as by Other Names

Cockfighting is also commonly referred to as “sabong.” This brutal and inhumane practice involves placing two specially bred and trained roosters in a small ring and encouraging them to fight until one of them is truly harmed or killed. Despite being banned in many countries due to its cruelty, cockfighting continues to occur in underground circles, perpetuating the suffering of these animals. Efforts from animal welfare organizations and authorities aim to eradicate this practice and protect the welfare of these birds.

What Do You Call a Rooster That Fights Other Chickens?

What Do You Call a Rooster That Fights Other Chickens

It is customary to refer to a battling rooster as a “gamecock.” These roosters are bred and trained expressly for the brutal and illegal blood sport known as cockfighting. In this sport, birds are pitted against one another to provide entertainment for humans, which frequently results in the birds suffering significant injuries or even dying.

Terms Used in Cockfighting

Without a doubt, listed below are 20 phrases that are typically utilized in cockfighting:

Terms Used in Cockfighting
  • Gamecock: A male rooster specifically bred and trained for the sport of cockfighting.
  • Cockfighting: A blood sport that involves placing two gamecocks in a ring together and encouraging them to fight with one another.
  • Cockpit: The location of the arena or ring in which cockfights are held.
  • Cockhandler: A person responsible for preparing and handling the gamecock while it is being fought over.
  • Pitmaster: The one accountable for the maintenance, training, and handling of gamecocks.
  • Wagering: Speculating on the result of cockfights by placing bets.
  • Gaffs: Gamecocks are equipped with bladed and pointed weapons affixed to their legs to enhance their combat ability.
  • Spurs: Growths, either natural or artificial, on the legs of a rooster that are pointed and utilized for combat.
  • Cockcrow: The sound produced by a rooster, which typically indicates the beginning of a battle.
  • Heel: The portion of the gamecock’s foot located at the back to which gaffs or spurs are connected.
  • Cockerel: A juvenile rooster that will likely be used in cockfighting in the future.
  • Dubbing: Removing the comb and wattles from a gamecock to prevent their opponents from capturing them while fighting.
  • Feather-picking: A strategy employed by gamecocks to divert the attention of their adversaries by plucking their feathers.
  • Pit signal: A signal determined in advance to indicate the beginning, continuation, or conclusion of a cockfight.
  • Handle: To prepare a gamecock for combat by training and conditioning it.
  • Teaser: A gamecock is a piece of equipment that is used in the context of training to encourage healthy competition among participants.
  • Dead game: A gamecock that, despite its injuries, shows an astonishing amount of perseverance and desire to battle.
  • Derby: A competition or series of cockfights in which many gamecocks go head-to-head against one another.
  • Pit rules: There are precise laws that regulate how cockfights are to be conducted within a given location.
  • Bantam: A kind of chicken known for its skill and aggression, which makes it a popular breed for use in cockfighting.


Several phrases have been adopted by the cockfighting community and given new meanings, much like in any other global pastime or activity. Sabong International’s casino standardized cockfighting jargon facilitates communication among fans of the sport.

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