The Types of Gamefowl that you need to know for Derby

Sabong international examines the greatest gamefowl breeds to raise are constantly being sought after by both cockfighters and gamefowl breeders. The gamefowls, commonly referred to as battling gamefowl, are a variety of birds trained specifically for battling and neither the males nor females among these birds battle. exhibit unusually aggressive behavior. The guys must be kept apart from one another to prevent a fight because this disposition shows early in life.

The numerous types of fighting roosters, also known as fighting or fighting roosters, will be discussed today. Due to the diversity of racial groups and widespread ignorance regarding this issue. The best breed of rooster for you should be known and chosen.

The type of fighting cocks breeds of gamefowl is crucial in nations where cockfighting is permitted (requires obtaining government authorization), such as the Philippines.

Top 7 Best Gamefowl Breeds

Gamefowl Breeds

Fighting cocks have different breeds, much like any other animal, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, and so on. These breeds come in a variety of forms, families, or lineages. However, this time we will just discuss the qualities of the top fighting cock breeds.

Top Gamefowl Breeds

Many saunders (cockfighters) debate which breeds of fighting rooster is the greatest. It is challenging to respond to this question, despite the fact that it seems quite simple. It is not just its genetic makeup or ancestry that matters because numerous outside factors will have an impact on it, including food, the environment, vitamins for fighting roosters, training, or preparedness. There is no ideal breed of game birds, say specialists. Nevertheless, if an effective family has many gamefowls, one of these can put in a lot of effort and focus to become an excellent fighter.

Top Gamefowl Breeds

In order to make an informed decision regarding which fighting cock breed to purchase, it is best to first become familiar with all of its characteristics. Select the breed that best satisfies your needs, but keep in mind that you must provide the care and nutrition required for it to reach its maximum potential.

Kelso gamefowl

The Kelso gamefowl would rank with Sweater, Lemon, Hatch, and Roundhead as one of the top brands in cockfighting. The Gamefowls that come from the Kelso line retain their original traits although several breeders create their bloodlines. Kelso is one of the top fighting cock kinds. The development and evolution of Kelso up to the present, as well as its traits and, most notably, its combat style, will all be examined in this article.

A breed of American Gamefowl called Kelso Fowl was created by American breeder Walter A. Kelso, proprietor of Oleander Gamefarm. As a result of the success of his bloodline of gamecocks, Kelso became one of the most well-known and recognizable figures in cockfighting history.

Kelso gamefowl


One of the most well-known and highly rated American combat cock lineages is Hatch. Due to its power and speed, this rooster sticks out from the crowd. As a result, they are excellent fighters and do not easily tire has more strength when fighting on the ground.

This breed complements the Sweater, Kelso, and Radio breeds exceptionally well. On their legs, they have a striking yellow-green color.

Hatch Twist

It belongs to the Gamefowl Hatch line subtype. An identifying characteristic of the whirling hatch is its neck, which has white or yellow feathers. It’s a large specimen that also fights swiftly and viciously. When fighting, always look down (in the range of 60 and 70 cm).

Hatch twists are the “secret breed” used by some American rooster breeders to develop new types of fighting roosters with essential fighting traits because they are frequently very skilled warriors.

Shamo gamefowl


It is a breed of magnificent roosters with black and red plumage and yellowish legs that is native to India and is one of the few traditional breeds of top gamefowl. Although this specimen’s wings are highly noticeable and stick out, the animal has broad shoulders and a short beak in terms of structure.

A tiny or medium-sized rooster, the Asil can weigh between 1.8 and 2.7 kg. Since he attacks fiercely and can inflict harm on an opponent using only his bare heels, he is regarded as a good fighter.

The fact that this rooster’s strike is slow and requires his adversary to “bite” him is one of his weaknesses. Inch cock breeders have blended members of this family of fighting cocks with other breeds to give their birds more toughness and cut, though. According to a well-known phrase in the cockfighting world, the Asil is the only breed that improves all gamefowl breeds.


The “Shamo fighter” breed of the rooster is a particularly robust and tyrannical specimen, arguably the most “powerful” rooster who consistently dominates his adversary. Depending on the line, weight ranges from 3.5 to 6 kg, with sizes ranging from medium to big. They can have feathers that are white, crimson, yellow (turn), or gold.

Shame roosters come in a variety of lines or kinds, but they are all typically Asian in origin and have dense feathers. This breed was created to be a fighting rooster with unrivaled bravery and fury.

Shamo gamefowl

Shamo roosters are well-known for their prowess in combat. These birds are regarded as one of the “best fighting cocks” since cockerels are aware of their incredible strength and resistance.


Gamefowl Radio is known for being a superb fighting rooster and is popular among roosters in Mexico and the United States. The fact that they are roosters with a square head and a serrated crest is one of the traits that distinguish this breed.

They are roosters with large and robust loins who are also aggressive and upbeat. It has medium yellow legs and feathers that are mixed with reddish and black hues. They can be characterized as determined roosters who are knowledgeable in warfare and constantly on the lookout for their adversaries. They also have rapid attacks and are adept at both flying and moving around the ground.

Radio gamefowl

Spanish Fighting Gamefowl

Since the birth of the breed, Spanish Gamefowl also referred to as the fighter of Spain, has grown to be one of the best fighting fowl in all of Europe. They are little to medium-sized and can’t be with another rooster since they battle over dominance and maintain their area. Its graceful posture and excellent physical quantities combine to make it a visually pleasing rooster.

Spanish roosters are available in a variety of colors, including white, pale, and speckled. When in battle, it is an animal that constantly seeks a fight and never runs away; it moves forward with its legs extended, always with confidence and bravery, looking for the opponent’s upper body.


The intriguing and well-liked gamefowl kinds of chicken are renowned for their power, stamina, and fighting spirit. These birds were once developed for cockfighting, but they are now primarily raised for their beauty and exhibition. The top 7 greatest gamefowl breeds covered in this article each have distinctive qualities and traits that make them well-liked by both breeders and aficionados.

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