What are the 5 Crucial Gear to Bring in Cockpits?

Once Sabong breeders are ready to go to cockpits with the gamefowl breeds they worked hard to raise, they’ll still need to keep some things in mind before actually pitting their roosters against others. Cockfighters will still need to prepare certain equipment, namely the top 5 equipment to bring in cockpits on the day of the match, to ensure that they’re ready for anything in the cockpit and that they can compete with little to no issues.

Top 5 equipment to bring in cockpits

Among the different gear that all cockfighters and sabong breeders must-have will include high-quality keeping pens for their roosters, a scale, roosts to let the gamefowls rest, matting, and scissors to trim the roosters. These are essential to help keep the roosters healthy and ensure that they’re ready for battle at a moment’s notice.

Quality Keeping Pen

Not all cockpits come with keeping pens and some that do usually have low-quality ones shared by multiple chickens. Used pens might seem to be a convenience to let breeders rest their gamefowls, but they can be home to plenty of microbes, bacteria, and mosquitoes that can infect a chicken kept in one.

Top 5 equipment to bring in cockpits - Quality keeping pen

Breeders can rest assured that their roosters won’t get infected on-site and negatively affect their performance in the match itself. If the rooster doesn’t get weak from sickness during the match and they win, there’s still the risk of it developing symptoms at a later date and potentially ruining a developing bloodline when it’s used as a broodcock when using a low-quality pen.

Weighing Scale

All gamecocks are weighed before a match to ensure that a sabong match is fair. Heavier roosters will have an advantage over lighter ones and the officials will make sure that the fight is kept fair by ensuring that all participating roosters weigh roughly the same.

Top 5 equipment to bring in cockpits - weighing scale

A breeder’s weighing scale might not be well-calibrated and might display a different weight compared to what cockpit officials use. Because cockfighters must ensure that their participating roosters have the correct weight to participate, they’ll need to weigh the chicken with an accurate scale. When using an accurate scale, breeders can resort to a quick fix by trimming the feathers to reduce a chicken’s weight when they’re slightly overweight.


A roost is essential for gamefowls to rest before a match occurs and help ensure that they’re in top shape. Having a roost also keeps the rooster at ease and healthy before being led to the pit.

Top 5 equipment to bring in cockpits - Roosts

Cockpits may or may not have roosts for the roosters to rest on, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and have one prepared.


The matting is useful in checking the color of the rooster’s poop and monitoring its health and determining whether it’s suitable for a fight. It is also useful in ensuring that whatever the rooster pecks at is clean and will not negatively affect the rooster.

Top 5 equipment to bring in cockpits - matting

Cockpits will see hundreds to thousands of different roosters, depending on how big the arena is and how many matches it hosts per day. Because of this, it’s important that all breeders have their own matting to keep their chickens from pecking something dirty from other roosters.

Trimming Scissors

Top 5 equipment to bring in cockpits - trimming scissors

Trimming scissors are a must-have in case a gamefowl is slightly overweight. The scissors can help reduce a chicken’s weight and ensure that the rooster can still qualify for a match.


Breeding gamefowls to develop gamecock bloodlines and breeds like how J9G Gamefarm breeds their roosters is already hard enough and the journey isn’t over. Breeders and cockfighters must still take care of their roosters before a match to ensure that they’re in top shape before, during, and after a match. They’ll need several pieces of gear to accomplish this, and the top 5 equipment listed above are certainly must-haves for every breeder.

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