The Top 7 Online Sabong Competitions Around the World

Annually, online sabong competitions at the highest level of a sport are staged globally to determine the sport’s champion. Cockfighting is comparable to other types of sports. It has several international competitions in which fighters from all over the world and those from their own countries compete for the title of best fighter. These competitive events occur in nations where cockfighting is recognized as a legitimate and lawful form of entertainment. Could you take a peek at it?

sabong competitions

World Slasher Cup

The Globe Slasher Cup is widely regarded as the most well-known and famous sabong competitions that has ever occurred anywhere globally. It has even been given the “Olympics of Cockfighting.” At the World Slasher Cup, which has been going on continuously since 1963, the best breeders and cockfighters from all over the world compete against one another to win the championship title.

World Slasher Cup

The World Slasher Cup usually takes place in Manila, in the Philippines, and lasts for around two weeks, with pauses of three days in between rounds.

Pitmasters’ World Championship

Pitmasters' World Championship

The World Pitmasters Cup is a prestigious international derby widely regarded as among the most significant worldwide. Participants in the tournament include well-known and upcoming breeders, all striving for a monetary award totaling approximately one hundred thousand Philippine pesos. The sabong competitions often have more than 330 participants, and the 9-cock derby is spread out over four days.

Mega Derby Intercontinental Mexico

Mega Derby Intercontinental Mexico

The Mega Derby Intercontinental is a series of cockfighting events held in Mexico and organized by the Asociacion Mundial de Criadores de Gallos de Combate Y Exhibition. The overall goal of these tournaments is to promote and enhance cockfighting traditions worldwide. The competitions take place in several different cities around South America.

The Tournament of the Golden Roosters

The Tournament of the Golden Roosters

The Golden Rooster Tournament is held in Juriquilla, Mexico. It invites 18 to 20 of the strong cockfighters in Mexico to compete against their counterparts from other nations in a tournament involving nine roosters. This event is known as the “Golden Rooster.” There are between fifty-four and sixty bouts in a single day, with each team competing in three rooster matches. In most cases, the event will last for three days.

Derby of the Revolution Torneo of Gallos in Spain 

Derby of the Revolution Torneo of Gallos in Spain

The city of Irapuato in Mexico plays home to a competition known as the “Derby of the Revolution,” which takes place once a year in November and is held as an annual event; over 88 rivals, both domestic and foreign, square off against one another in this competition, which is played for status. The sabong competitions take place over three days, with the championship match on a Sunday.

A Controversial Legacy of Sabong Competitions

A Controversial Legacy of Competitions

Cockfighting in America has a controversial past, with enthusiasts advocating for its cultural significance while opponents decry its animal cruelty. Although banned in several states, underground cockfighting rings still exist, drawing participants who see it as a tradition worth preserving. The debate surrounding American cockfighting continues to be a topic of intense discussion and legal scrutiny.

Peruvian Cockfighting: A Fusion of History and Passion

Peruvian Cockfighting A Fusion of History and Passion

Peru boasts a rich history of cockfighting, where this sport has evolved into a fusion of tradition and modernity. The Peruvian cockfighting scene is characterized by its vibrant energy, colorful roosters, and passionate fans. The sport thrives, captivating locals and international visitors with its unique blend of history and passion.


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